Who We Are

Ceres Industries is a business dedicated to the best interests of its customers, employees, and owners. We handle ammonium sulphate as a bulk fertilizer and use livestock-grade rock salt to manufacture salt blocks. The business is growing to include more grades and types of fertilizers in bags, as well as bagged livestock-grade salt products.

Our Mission

To be a dynamic, diversified, and growing supply and service business by providing competitive advantages to our customers through innovative ideas, efficiency, and high quality staff.

What We Do

Ceres Industries has two primary business activities:

  1. In conjunction with the Meadow Lake Tribal Council, Ceres Industries is the exclusive buyer of all Ammonium Sulphate (AmSul) crystal produced as a bi-product from two mining operations in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. The AmSul is primarily sold as bulk fertilizer 21-0-0-24 in western Canada, with increasing amounts being bagged and marketed into various industrial applications. AmSul is also one of the sources of fertilizer for the new bagged fertilizer brand Certec, which is targeted to the lawn and turf market.

  2. Ceres Industries makes use of another bi-product from Saskatchewan mining. The large potash industry generates huge quantities of livestock grade salt. The salt is properly conditioned and mixed with various combinations of essential minerals and elements for animals and pressed into lick blocks or bagged for feedmills. These products are marketed throughout western Canada under the brand name Saltec.