South Country Co-op, a 4-H Member, and Ceres Industries work together to make a donation for the HALO Medical Rescue Helicopter.

Who We Are

Ceres Industries is a business dedicated to the best interests of its customers, employees, and owners. We handle ammonium sulphate as a bulk fertilizer and use livestock-grade rock salt to manufacture salt blocks. The business is growing to include more grades and types of fertilizers in bags, as well as bagged livestock-grade salt products.

Our Mission

To be dynamic and diversified while growing our supply and service business by providing competitive advantages to our customers through innovative ideas, efficiency, and high quality staff.

Ceres Industries is a proud supporter of the Hardgrass Bronc Match.

What We Do

Ceres Industries has two primary business activities:

  1. Ceres Industries manufactures mineralized salt blocks and bags for livestock producers. The salt is properly conditioned and mixed with various combinations of essential minerals and elements for livestock and pressed into blocks or bagged loose for producers. These products and more are marketed and distributed throughout Canada and the US under the brand name "Saltec".

  2. We are also a supplier of Ammonium Sulphate (AmSul) crystal and is primarily sold as bulk fertilizer 21-0-0-24 in western Canada. AmSul is also one of the sources of fertilizer for the new bagged fertilizer GroundKeeper, which is targeted to the lawn and turf market.

News and Updates

Vitamin A

Fresh, green grass is typically abundant with vitamin A, or at least its precursor, beta-carotene. So, livestock out on pasture in the summer months usually get plenty of vitamin A in their diets. However, in the winter months, deficiencies are more common because vitamins lose their integrity during the harvesting and storage processes.

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New Product: MELTZ ALL!

Ceres Industries is proud to announce the release of a new product: MELTZ ALL! This premium de-icing salt is perfect for Canadian winters. Melting down to -28 degrees Celsius, this de-icer salt is pet and environmentally friendly. To find out more, or where to purchase, contact us today!

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New Product Line: Supremix!

Ceres Industries is proud to present its latest product line: Supremix! This three-step premix is meant to provide year-round vitamin and mineral nutrition, suited to the stage of production for a beef cow. Formulated with salt and molasses, these premixes are meant to be fed either free-choice or mixed into a TMR ration. The versatility of delivery makes the Supremix line easy to fit into any feeding program! Contact us to learn more!

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Send Us Your Feed Analysis!

Recently had a feed test done but have difficult interpreting it? Send your feed test result to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our on-staff nutritionist will help formulate a diet based on your livestock needs and suggest any areas for improvement. What’s the catch? There isn’t one! This is a free service meant to help farmers run their operations to their max potential!

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